Carter, Tom & Murano, Pat - Ashvin LP

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Tom Carter & Pat Murano.

Daksina, 2019.
Jackets Silk screened By Alan Sherry
at SIWA Printing.
Edition of 100.

"Ashvin, Murano’s fourth collaboration with guitarist Tom Carter (Charalambides, Eleven Twenty-Nine, Badgerlore, Zaika, etc.) is a different beast again. Carter’s silvery playing sits remarkably well with the ectoplasmic radiance of Murano’s electronics – by the end of the first side of Ashivin, Carter’s guitars have multiplied and mutated, a corrosive factory of noise, underpinned by Murano’s lethal, insistent pulses. Flip the record over and Carter starts out by channelling Michael Rother’s to-the-horizon six-string eternity – no mean feat – before everything spirals down into a muddy swamp, stewing for a long stretch, until Carter and Murano take a final run at the sun. It’s absolutely gorgeous."

-Jon Dale