Decimus - 6 LP

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Daksina, 2019.
Jackets Silk screened By Alan Sherry
at SIWA Printing.
Edition of 100.

"It has been a few years since we last heard from Decimus, an unexpected silence from a project that marked itself out, from its earliest releases, as working at a prodigious clip. Earlier this decade, the first clutch of self-released Decimus albums, with roughly gorgeous screen-printed sleeves, marked Pat Murano’s solo music out as something special, something out of the ordinary, a mutant psychedelia cobbled together from shopfloor electronics, hammer-blunt beats and whirlpooling guitar.

Decimus 6 picks up where that thread left off, a number of years back, with 2016’s Decimus 7. The a-side seems regenerative, feeding off its own energies, a bath of guitar and electronic murk that judders in and out of focus; at times, it recalls the whip-crack industrial of Esplendor Geometrico, elsewhere, its seemingly oxymoronic ‘jittery laziness’ suggests some through-lines back to Murano’s early music as a member of improv group the No Neck Blues Band. The b-side slowly coaxes shivering, silvery synths through a series of patterns, sometimes interlocking, sometimes bruising each other as they weave and lattice around ticking time boxes."
-Jon Dale