Decimus - Morning & Evening Ragas Vol. 2 LP

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Morning & Evening Ragas Vol. 2.

Daksina, 2021.
Jackets Silk screened By Alan Sherry
at SIWA Printing.
Edition of 100. 

In 2014, I lost my way. The path that I confidently strode my entire adult life was abruptly lost to a chaotic bramble of sadness, doubt and loss. After a few years of being truly unable to engage with my music, I began a new practice. The idea was to immerse myself in the surrounding incidental environmental sounds, beginning my music there. In retrospect, I can now fully appreciate why this appealed to me so deeply. This ritual was an attempt to attune myself to the world and then slowly and gently allow my identity to emerge. It was my last ditch attempt to locate myself.

In the tradition of Indian music, a raga is a harmonic framework. Each raga defines a sonic boundary that is purposely designed to evoke a specific set of emotions. Operating from within those boundaries, a musician is free to improvise and explore those emotions. In the music presented here, I approached the environment as the raga. From within its boundaries, respectfully, I play.
Pat Murano 2021