Hambleton, Richard - I.D.'S Mr. ReeeeSearch Continued with R. Dick Trace it's Perpetual Cyclic Calendar To The Year 2000 (Signed)

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Richard Hambleton. 
I.D.'S Mr. ReeeeSearch Continued.

Canada: ID Press, circa late seventies / early eighties. 

Very good. 
Minor chipping bottom right spine and back cover bottom left. 
Less than 1/2" unobtrusive closed tear front bottom left at spine.
Minor toning, creasing, and edgewear. 
Presentable copy of this scarce artists' book. 

In this artist’s book, Hambleton details the original “Murder Research” in which 620 “image murders” were committed in 15 North American cities over a three year period. A subsequent mail-art project comprised of 240 artists’ responses to Hambleton’s request to complete the identity of “Mr. Reeee” (the mass killer) is also documented. Includes comments on the process by 28 of the participating artists including Hambleton, Ulises Carrión, Robin Crozier, Peter Below, David Zack, Leonhard Frank Duch, Ko De Jonge, Robert Rehfeldt, Judith A. Hoffberg, John Dowd, Noemi Maidan, Ken Friedman, Ed Varney, Anna Banana, Patricia Tavenner, Lon Spiegelman, Mike Crane, Miroljub Todorvic, etc. 

R. Dick Trace It was a pseudonym of Hambleton.

The Perpetual Cyclic Calendar operates as a slide ruler. An inner shaft can be moved in and out to predict the future of the artist. The phallic shaft is fully extended in peak years of productivity, retreating post-coitus style during the slump years. A major thrust in creativity was anticipated in 1984, 2000, 1982-1983, 1983-1988. To drive the point home, the rise and fall of Hambleton’s creativity is plotted in stylized graphs and charts, like the projected profits and losses of a corporation.

Complete list of contributors: John M Bennett, Buster Cleveland, Opal Louis nations, Nicola Frangione, Rolf Staeck, Jo Joy, Peter Below / Mixed Media Edition, Sera Fin, Angelika Schmidt, Robert Rehfeldt, Claudio Goulart, Lincis, Andre akshun man Stitt, Pat Larter, Ray Varnbuhler, Dietrich Helms, Robin Crozier, Ti Parks, Dik Walraven, Guglielmo Achille Cavellini, Anna Banana, Richard C Johnson, G.E. Marx Vigo, Klivar Miroslav, Mp. Anker, Ulises Carrión, Terro, Hermann Gruber, Romano Peli, McGregor, Andrzej Wielgosz, The Emulatables, Geisha Among Barbarians, Jacqueline Nicod, Franz Immoos, Leonhard Frank Duch, Joaquim Branco, Patrick, Michael Scott, J Medeiros, Willy Buchholz, Michael Dec, D W Wharton, Fred ‘Taco’ Mertz, F W W Ferguson - Sirq, Timothy Brown, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, VEC, theo Koning, Paul Carter, Silvio Spada, dave fobes, Falves Silva, Lomholt Formular Press, Jean-Paul Albinet, Ken Friedman, Ernst, Horst Tress, Pier Van Dijk, Rachel Greenaway, Sophie H Sarlas, Clay Geerdes, Riuko Ishida, Robert Joseph, Tom Hosier, Tommy Mew, Raymond Zablockis, J Battis, Wanderspüdz, S M Scott, Michele Perfetti, Poki Olson, Carlo Pittore, Ko De jonge, Femail Art, Dadaland - Bill Gaglione, John Baldessari, Jacques Juin, J Art Erdmann, Joachimage Frank, Horst Hahn, Gary Laskin, Luna Lust, Henryk Bzdok, Priscilla Birge, Albrecht D, Vino Malaise-Scilla, Chery Holmes, David Drummond-Milne, The Wiz-Redmond, John A Andersen, Jane Darcovich, Ron Crowcroft, Ray Woolard, Jim Hughes, Julie of Art, John Pippus, Kiyoshi Haruyama, G Rich, Guy Schraenen, Clifford Neal, Jerry Dreva, Bern Porter, Charles Simone, Big Dada, Pawel Petasz, Bucher Max, Musicmaster, Diane Wood, Charlie Brown, Artfoot, Ladislav Guderna, Roberto Sandoval, Mike Taylor, Irene Dogmatic, Michele Perfetti, Rhoda Mappo, ID Baezkowski, Buster Cleveland, Louie Lewy, Paulo Bruscky, Ephemerealities Limited, Prost Viviane, K A Klammer, Ron Brownson, D Mcdonald, R M Greenaway, Dick Larter, Sunday Painter, Janos Urban, Gerald Jupitter-Larsen, Raul Marroquin, Alex Torrid Zone Igloo, Richard Schneider, Evelyn Berland, Marc Cassidy, Ewaneye, Michael Gibbs, Steve Durland, Bill Doherty the Artist, Barbara Helton-Berg, Madeleine Duff, Judith Hoffberg, Geoffrey Cook, Paul Carter, Scott Watson, B Berg, Brent Taylor, Chuck Stake, Gifreu, Mario Lara, Jack Keguenne, William Louis Sørensen, Johan Van Geluwe, Vittore Baroni, György Galantai, Klaus Groh, Ely Raman, Maria Fitzgerald, Miroljub Todorovic, Mary Reed Daniel, Armin Hundertmark, Sphinx, Aaron Flores, Miss Invisible, Russell Butler, Baron Infinity Mind, Rotta Rinaldo, Miss Mew, High Performance - Linda Burshaw, Franz Immoos, Valdir Dos Santos, Artura Fallo, James Lineham, Carinca, Pablo Pikasshole, Marc D’champ, Diane Dixiecud, Endre Tót, Al Blaster Ackerman.

Richard Hambleton (1952-2017) was a Canadian born artist who relocated to NYC in the late 1970s. Recognized as the “Godfather of Public Art,” Habmleton emerged during the booming art market of the 1980s alongside Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Hambleton used the urban canvas to evoke public reaction and has thus been highly associated with graffiti art although he considered himself to be a conceptual artist who made art for both public and gallery spaces.