Herbst, Spencer - DAK009 LP

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Spencer Herbst.

Daksina, 2022.
Jackets Silk screened By Alan Sherry
at SIWA Printing.
Edition of 100.

The material on DAK009 is compiled from home recordings, all recorded straight to cassette, mixed in real time without overdubs. However, there are a few edits in order to conform with limitations of duration, re side two.

Spencer Herbst, starting his musical foray as primarily a drummer, has spent the last 10 plus years creating a musical swath. The musical acumen created from a small arsenal of varied electronic components & tape recorders, that will hopefully outlive its maker.

Daksina presents Spencer Herbst’s DAK009, taking its title from the album’s catalog number. This is the second full length release, the first being Provisional Lump, a cassette released by Reality Delay (RD002). The music herein dates from 2013 & 2017