i-D Magazine - March 1991 #90: The LoveLife issue

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i-D Magazine.
March 1991 #90: The LoveLife issue .

i-D Magazine, 1991.
93 pages.

Cover: Kylie Minogue photographed by Robert Erdmann. 

Very good.
Light wear and soiling to covers. 
Minor toning along perimeter to some pages. 
Nice copy of scarce magazine. 

Kylie Minogue interview, John Flett obituary, Juergen Teller, Iain Sinclair's Downriver,
Gary Clair interview, workwear fashion spread, S&M, "Low Rent modernists on an Oxfam budget", "Mersey Beats Again" (The La's), Lovers Rock, Junk Koshino, Baron Von Nasti, feminist pornography, Mantronix, Cabaret Voltaire, Teresa Orlowski, NYC Clubs and drag queens, Jojo and the Jockstraps, +

"Nobody admits to using dying agencies and telephone date lines, but more people do every year. But are they exploitative, a joke, or a potential path to true love?" +

an article which consists mostly, besides this lead paragraph, of photographs of women's thighs, backs, stomach, and heels, etc: 

"Fashion designers have decided to reform women's body shape yet again (no, of course they never asked us!). Now it's okay to have tits, in fact it's positively essential. Big bums are beautiful and your stomach no longer has to be as flat as an ironing board. The delicate art of revealing flesh in a provocative but not overtly sexual way has given new meaning to the old cliché 'if you've got it, flaunt it'. It's not about teasing cleavages and arses hanging out of jeans - it's about using clothes to deceive the eye and showing off the bits you want people to see. But don't start panic eating immediately - the designers will probably change their minds again next year!!"