Maia, Tim - Racional Vol. 2 LP

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Tim Maia.
Racional Vol. 2.

Seroma / Rational Records.
New & sealed. 

2023 Reissue. Exact LP repro edition. 

It’s difficult to overstate the importance of Brazil’s Tim Maia. A wildly restless creative mind Tim Maia was also a huge personality. The larger than life man made a huge contribution musically to Brazilian Jazz, funk, soul, psychedelia, disco, ballads, rock, Música popular brasileira, and more.

At the height of his musical career, Maia went on to join a radical, extraterrestrial obsessed cult in 1974. The 32-year-old Maia and his band retired to a house in a secluded section of Rio de Janeiro and spent their days smoking marijuana and experimenting with hallucinogens while working on new material.In the midst of a mescaline trip, he discovered a book entitled Universo em Desencanto (literally "Universe in Disenchantment"), the manifesto of an obscure religious cult known as Cultura Racional. Within weeks, Maia had dedicated his life to the cult, coerced his entire band to join and live by its strict precepts (no drugs, no alcohol, no red meat, and no sex except for the purpose of procreation), and was bent on a new direction.