Nordø, Guttorm (Editor) - El Djarida No. 7: Burial

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Guttorm Nordø (Editor).
El Djarida No. 7: Burial.

Trondheim, Norway: Idiot Press, 1987. 
Staple-bound softcover.
32 pages including covers. 
Norwegian with some English. 
11 7/16" x 16 10/16". 
Edition of 2000.

Very good, 
Slight edgewear and creasing,
minor soiling to white covers. 

Mail Art assembling from Norway, this issue almost entirely text.


Stephen Perkins and Michael Shay, Geza Perneczky, Mark Bloch,
Jean-Francois Bory, Magnús Pálsson, Guy Bleus, Willy Buzzi,
Al Ackerman, Mayo Thompson, Monty Cantsin, Carol Stetser, Stephen Perkins,
Cavellini, G.X. Jupiter-Larsen, Henning Mittendorf, Petr Sevcik, 
Rune L. Hansen, Iosif Kiraly, Calin Beloescu, Hakim Bey, Giovanni Fontana, 
Jurgen Olbrich, and more.