Owen, Maureen, Kuenstler, Frank, Weinberger, Eliot and Zavrian, Suzanne etc - Readings at Diva: First Series Flyer

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Readings at Diva: First Series Flyer.
New York; Self-Published, no date. Circa mid 1980's. 
Single Sheet, twice folded.
8 7/16" x 14". 

Very good.
Center crease horizontally and a double parallel crease vertically.
Staple holes at center.
"January 30 Michael O'Brien" circled in red pen.
"A" written in pencil to the right of venue's address. 

A flyer advertising a reading series at Diva in Tribeca.

Frank Kuenstler, Suzanne Zavrian, Stuart Miller, Paul Montazzoli, Maureen Owen, Bill Zavatsky, Hiroaki Sato, Eliot Weinberger, Alan Davies, Serge Gavronsky, Marc Kaminsky, Geoffrey O'Brien, Harvery Shapiro, Michael Stephens, Robert Laguardia, Frances Whyatt, Iain Whitecross, Katarina Wallin, Michael O'Brien, and Henry Weinfield were the readers.