Ackerman, Blaster Al - Photo Post Card addressed to Irene Dogmatic (signed)

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Blaster Al Ackerman. 
Photo Post Card. 

Portland: Blaster Al Ackerman, date not readable perhaps mid 1980s?
Photo postcard. 
3 1/2" x 5 6/16".

Very good. 
Light edge wear. 
Unobtrusive pen to photo. 

Original photo postcard. Photo by Patty. 
Note to Irene Dogmatic in pen.
Rubber stamps and postal markings + stamp. 

Blaster Al Ackerman was an American mail artist and writer.
His writing was published in Richard Kern's 80s zine Dumb Fucker
and Genesis P-Orridge used of Ackerman's letters
as the text of
Throbbing Gristle's song "Hamburger Lady."

Irene Dogmatic is a painter and mail artist.
She was the singer of 1978 Bay Area Punk Band SST
whose only single was released on Tidal Wave Records. 
She also collaborated with The Residents.