Alÿs, Francis - The Loop Tijuana-San Diego 1997

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Francis Alÿs.

The Loop Tijuana-San Diego 1997.

Place unknown: self-published, 1997 (?).


In order to go from Tijuana to San Diego without crossing the Mexico/United States border, I followed a perpendicular route away from the fence and circumnavigated the globe heading 67° South East, North East and South East again until I reached my departure point. The project remained free and clear of all critical implications beyond the physical displacement of the artist.

As a reaction, both to the increasing obstacles imposed by the US government on the entrance of illegal migrant workers across the southern border, and to the concept of site-specific art as it was commonly understood in the early 1990s, Alÿs contribution to the InSite binational contemporary art festival was an absurd response to the issue of border crossing. for twenty-nine days, the artist travelled around the world, taking the longest possible route so as to return to his departure point, but now on the other side of the fence between Mexico and the USA. This epic of anti-economic creative logic offers a foretaste of the principle of 'maximum effort, minimum result' that would be the slogan of “When Faith Moves Mountains”, 2002