Leyland, Winston (Editor) - Angels of the Lyre: A Gay Poetry Anthology

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Angels of the Lyre: A Gay Poetry Anthology

Francisco: Panjandrum Press/ Gay Sunshine. 1975.
248 pages. 5 4/16 x 8.5". 

Very good.
Minor edgewear and toning near spine.
Faint creasing back top left. 

Features Stephen Jonas, Taylor Mead, Tim Dlugos, John Giorno, Joe Brainard, Ira Cohen, Gerrit Lansing, Jack Spicer, Frank O’Hara, Hector Tito Alvarez, William Barber, Bruce Boone, Victor Borsa, Perry Brass, Adrian Brooks, Kirby Congdon, Ed Cox, Emilio Cubeiro, Robert Duncan, David Eberly, Jim Eggeling, Kenward Elmslie, Daniel Evans, Gerald Fabian, Salvatore Farinella, Edward Field, Charles Henri Ford, James Giancarlo, Allen Ginsberg, Robert Gluck, Paul Goodman, E.A. Lacey, Michael Lally, Winston Leyland, Gerard Malanga, Paul Mariah, Wayne McNeill, Thomas Meyer, James Mitchell, James Nolan, Harold Norse, Chuck Ortleb, Stan Persky, Robert Peters, Perry Scott, Vincent Sacardi, Ron Schreiber, Charley Shively, Aaron Shurin, Jack Spicer, George Stanley, Richard Tagett, Hunce Voelker, Ian Young, Jonathan Williams, John Wieners, and Terence Winch.