Banana, Anna & Gaglione, Bill - Futurist Sound Performance Program

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Anna Banana & Bill Gaglione. 
Futurist Sound Performance Program.

Studio Galerie Mike Steiner: Berlin, 1978.
Unbound, four pages including covers. 

Very good. 
Minor soiling and slight edge wear. 

Scarce remnant of Anna Banana & Bill Gaglione's 1978 Futurist Sound Poetry
tour of Europe. 


Sounds by Francesco Canguillo. 
A Landscape Heard by F.T. Marinetti. 
Vowel Refrains by  Francesco Canguillo. 
Silences Speak Among Themselves by  F.T. Marinetti.
Disconcerted States of Mind by Giacomo Balla. 
States of Mind by Mario Cari.
To Understand Weeping by Giacomo Balla. 
Colors by Fortunato De Pero. 
Alternation of Character by Gina & Bruno Corra.