Calais, Nicolas - Surrealism: Pro and Con

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Nicolas Calais.
Surrealism: Pro and Con.

New York: Gotham Book Mart and Gallery Inc., 1973. 
77 pages. 

Near fine, but for 
Faint toning and wear to covers. 

The Meaning of Surrealism:
An Interview with Nicholas Calas.
Surrealist Pocket Dictionary by Nicolas Calas. 
Towards A Third Surrealist Manifesto by Nicholas Calas. 
Surrealism: A Dissenting Opinion by Herbert J. Muller. 
Surrealism by Kenneth Burke.

These essays originally appeared in New directions
in prose & poetry, 1940, edited by J. Laughlin.
Contents: Calas, N. The meaning of surrealism.
Surrealist pocket dictionary.
Toward a third surrealist manifesto.--Muller, H.J.
Surrealism: a dissenting opinion.--Burke, K. Surrealism.