Carrión, Ulises and Van Barneveld, Aart - The Stampa Newspaper (Unfinished)

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Ulises Carrión.
The Stampa Newspaper (Unfinished).

Amsterdam: Other Books and So Archives / 
Stempelplaats, 1980.
First edition.
Tabloid newspaper. Two unbound sheets.
13 x 19.7" folded, 26 x 19.7" unfolded.
8 pages without pagination.
Five pages are hand stamped
with rubber stamps in various designs and colors. 

Intended to be hand stamped throughout with original artists’ stamps by various artists, this project was never fully realized. Five of the eight pages are stamped with contributions by Guy Bleus, C. Goulart, Kristine Stiles, Imagezine, dziekanka, Klaus Groh, Pier van Dijk, Aaron Flores, and Ulises Carrión among several others. Approximately 90 stamps in total.

The original invitation to participate is produced in Schraenen, Guy, ed.: ‘Ulises Carrión. Dear Reader. Don’t read.’ Madrid, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, 2016, pp. 242–243.

Very good. 
A sharp example. 
Vertical folds as issued. 
Light handling creases.
Minor foxing along edges
and general toning as happens with newsprint.