Carter, Michael (Editor) - Redtape #1: For the Left Side of Your Brain

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Michael Carter, Steve Greber and Pat Howe (Editors). 
Redtape #1: For the Left Side of Your Brain.

New York: Redtape, 1982. 
Staple-bound softcover.
28 pages including covers.

Very good. 
Toning and light edge wear to covers. 
Small chip to bottom spine. 

The first issue of Michael Carter's east village art & lit zine. 

Appears to be signed by Michael Carter under his editor credit. 

Poetry by A. Akeela, Stacy Erra, Orion Isaac Feig, Sebastian Lockwood, 
Jim Tobin, and Lauren Weber.
Comics by Bob Cook and John Terhorst.
Artwork by Bob Cook and Michael Roman.
Photos by Efrain Gonzalez, Tom Ladd, and Martin Sanabria.

"Redtape, one of the East Village "zines", employing a magazine form to communicate innovative artistic ideas, divided its pages between literature and graphics, encouraging an interplay between writers and visual artists. According to the editor and publisher of Redtape Michael Carter the purpose of the magazine was "to explore new possibilities and forms of expression, to develop craft and technique without becoming sequestered in an intellectual or academic ivory tower". The magazine, featuring comics, poetry, fiction, graphic art, and photography, provided a venue for both established and emerging writers and artists of the downtown scene.

Intended initially as a quarterly publication, Redtape released seven issues in 10 years, each having a unique format and organized around specific theme: 'For the Left Side of Your Brain' (1982), 'Assemblage' (1982), 'Redtape: Double Summer Issue' (1983) , 'ArtDamaged' (1984), 'White Lies' ( 1984), 'The Cracked Mirror' (1986) and 'Tragicomix' (1992). Issue No. 3 was the first time Carter consciously reached out to the art community. Since then, every issue expanded the list of contributors and the scope of the publication, making the magazine a part and product of the Lower East Side scene. From the fourth issue onwards, the magazine was published on glossy paper, capable of high-quality graphic reproduction.

Contributors to the magazine included Kathy Acker, Peter Chereches, Constance De Jong, John Farris, Richard Hambleton, Greer Lankton, Patrick McGrath, Lynne Tillman and David Wojnarowicz among many others."