Coolidge, Clark - To The Cold Heart (2021)

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Clark Coolidge. To The Cold Heart. 

New York; Fenrick Books, 2021. 

Perfect bound softcover with letter press covers, 
printed and bound by the Circadian Press.
112 pages. 6" x 9". 
Cover Art by Maya Strauss

In Clark's own words,
“a retranslation,
in the loosest sense, of the Han Shan Cold Mountain Poems, all three hundred and
whatever of them.”

Written in 1990, only a small excerpt has ever appeared in print.

There is also a special edition of 50 numbered 1-50 with hand altered covers by artist Maya Strauss, and signed by the poet and artist.

Clark Coolidge is an American poet
and musician associated with
L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E Poetry
and the New York School.
His work, often concerned with
the musical and rhythmic qualities
of language to the exclusion
of literal meaning, can be
both beautiful and opaque.
The author
of a dizzyingly large number
of books,                                
Clark does not use the internet.
He is a resident of Petaluma, California.


Charles Bernstein on To The Cold Heart:

“Clark Coolidge’s To the Cold Heart is an adventure of mind’s reassociative play with words, tipsily tripping on tongue with an improvisatory exuberance the age demands. Like Parmenides doing a polka, Coolidge blows the tune at every turn.”

Peter Gizzi on To The Cold Heart:

"In these wonderfully concise poems, inspired by Hanshan, the Cold Mountain poet, there is a delicacy to be discovered from line to line, poem to poem. There are also enigmas questing for meaning to be found. This may be Clark Coolidge’s most quiet and intimate book where the reader finds space in small things, vitality in wonder."


Thurston Moore on To The Cold Heart:

"Regardless of when, Clark’s poetry is always in the moment of timelessness—like the scurrying bop keys of Horace Silver, the vocabulary is centered in rhythm, in music at play with thoughts derived from the spaces between the notes. New every spin."

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