Groh, Klaus - Das Kork Book (Signed & Dated)

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Klaus Groh.
Das Kork Book

Edewecht, Germany: Art Archive, Klaus Groh, 
Signed and dated by Klaus Groh.

A unique Klaus Groh Artist's Book.
Metal netting filled with cork, tied with twine,
labeled "Das Kork Book" and
then signed/dated in white paint
with a calling card inserted under the netting. 
4.5 x 8.4".

Directly acquired from
a mail art participant and publisher
who received this in the mail from Groh in the mid 80s.   

Klaus Groh is a German artist and author born in Neisse in 1936.
He helped bring American Mail Art to Europe and
connected the West with Eastern Europe, especially
Poland and the former GDR.
He led the Micro Hall Art Center and the
Kleinkunstbühne Literaturium cabaret stage
from 1971 to 2006, as well as the
International Artists' Cooperation (IAC) from 1969 to 1990.
He also edited the IAC publication "IAC-INFO", a Mail Art predecessor.