Cox, Peter J. - Running Away With Yourself LP

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Private Press diy lo fi guitar rock

"Around 2000 or so, while perusing crates at a record fair, I came across this lp at the table of a Nordic wizard. Charmed by it's DIY/Outsider aesthetic but unfamiliar w/the name, I asked, "what's the story with this?" The wizard smiled slyly & said, "imagine if Tony McPhee had a horrible malfunction during his brain transplantation." Intrigued by this summation, I nevertheless balked at the price (500$) as there were no Nordic counterfeit ATM machines to be found. Now the UK startup label, Dosh, has reissued Peter J Cox's one man masterpiece for 225 lucky ducks to call their own. Originals ( a vanity pressing in 1979 of 100 I'd guess)-rarely offered up-go for upwards of 700$ should you come across one. A string manglers delight, this Scrumpy brut action stands tall in the company of Ron Warren Ganderton/Sound Ceremony, Afflicted Man & John the Postman."