Damin Eih, A.L.K., and Brother Clark ‎– Nevermind LP

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Damin Eih, A.L.K., and Brother Clark. 

Nero's Neptune, 

New, sealed. 
limited edition of 475 copies. On many hard-core psych collectors' Top 10 lists, this insanely rare and impossible-to-describe 1973 brain-fryer from Minneapolis is utterly soaked with mystic, thoroughly-dosed higher key psychedelia. It is a truly unhinged gem of out-there, acid-dipped geniusness, with quavering vocals, flanged-out guitars & effects, acoustic ramble, and fuzz confusion.
Damin Eihwandered off to India to clear his head after leaving behind this lone, legendary offering, never to be heard from again. Painstakingly and spectacularly remastered from two virgin copies of the original vinyl with the full participation of Brother Clark (the others are lost and presumed dead), this treasure is now rescued from the deepest catacombs of psychedelic fatso obscurity for all to hear. 180 gram vinyl, original insert reproduction, and 28 pt. craft stock with old school paste-on sleeves." - Nero's Neptune.