De Jong, Constance and Glass, Philip - Satyagraha: M.K. Gandhi in South Africa 1893-1914 (signed)

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Constance De Jong and Philip Glass.
Satyagraha: M.K. Gandhi in South Africa 1893-1914:
the historical material and libretto comprising the opera's book.

New York: Standard Editions, 1980.
63 pages

Very good.
Minor rubbing and creasing to covers.  

1980 First edition, signed by Constance De Jong. 

"Glass started this opera shortly after the completion of Einstein on the Beach. He conceived the subject, the use of Sanskrit, and the historical personages. The fiction writer Constance DeJong, who shares Glass’ interest in Eastern culture and is highly conversant with his music, worked with Glass on the theatrical organization of the scenes, helping to reduce the scenes from 21 to seven, finding the most suitable opening scene, highlighting personal events during Gandhi’s stay in South Africa and creating variety within the regularity without breaking the surface of the flow. It is she who wrote the phonetic translation of the Sanskrit after learning the language in transliteration and choosing passages from the Gita that made the proper sense and sound."

- Klaus Kertess, 
Gandhi in Choral Perspective, 
ArtForum, DECEMBER 1980
VOL. 19, NO. 4