deAk, Edit and Robinson, Walter (Editors) - Art-Rite Complete Set: #1-21 (no facsimiles)l

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Edit DeAk, Walter Robinson, Joshua Cohn, (Editors).
Art-Rite Complete Set: #1-21
(21 issues in 20 volumes, including both
issue 13 variants, no facsimiles).

New York: Art-Rite Publishing Co., 1973-1978.
All issues roughly 8 1/2" x 11",
with some slight variation.

Scarce complete set of this important periodical with the rather uncommon issue 21 present, an original hand drawn by Judy Rifka, not a facsimile. Issues 1 & 2 addressed by hand to "Bob & Eve (Sonneman) Yucikas". Issue 11-12 is a double issue. Both the black and red titled versions of issue 13 are included in this collection with some differences in content. Issue 16 was never published. Issue 19 is a collaboration between
Art-Rite & Laica.

Issues generally Very Good to Near Mint,
with some minor exceptions. 

All issues browned to some extent. 

Issue 1 features a cover by Les Levine
as well as a contribution by Alan (Vega) Suicide, etc.
has a horizontal crease a little above its midpoint
from being folded & taped
for mailing as well as postal markings,
a postage stamp, glue remnants and a piece of tape to back.
Front bottom right corner chipped. 
Addressed by hand to "Bob & Eve (Sonneman) Yucikas". 

Issue 2 features a cover by William Wegman.
It has two horizontal creases from being folded for mailing
as well as rubber stamps, not just postage markings, but also
an Art-Rite address stamp. Some unobtrusive white paint to front cover
bottom middle. 7/16th of an inch tear at spine near top. 
Back bottom left corner has a small crease for the last three pages.
Addressed by hand to "Bob & Eve (Sonneman) Yucikas". 
Issue 3 features a cover by Richard Tuttle
and has minor chipping to edges. 

Issue 4 features a cover by Yuri as well as work by
Tedd Stamm, Gordon Matta-Clark, Cristo, Alan (Vega) Suicide, 
Nancy Holt, Les Levine, etc. 

Issue 5 features a cover by Christo and articles 
or work by Vito Acconci, Christian Boltanski, Lucy Lippard, 
Lee Breuer, Robert Smithson, Jennifer Bartlett, etc.

Issue 6 features a folded cover by Dorothea Rockburne and articles 
or work by Jack Smith, Ray Johnson, Adrian Piper, Howardena Pindell, 
Eve Sonneman, Jean Toche, 
Lawrence Weiner, Agnes Denes,
Diego Cortez, Laurie Anderson, May Stevenes, etc.
It has a roughly 3" closed tear front bottom left. 

Issue 7 features a cover by Vito Acconci and articles 
or work by Eleanor Antin, John Baldessari, Jean Dupuy, Joan Jonas,
Hannah Wilke, Shigeko Kubota, Richard Landry, Nancy Holt, 
Lynda Benglis, Nam June Paik, Alan Suicide, Ernie Gusella,
Allan Kaprow, Dennis Oppenheim, Richard Serra, The Black Tarantula (Kathy Acker), etc. 
It has slight unobtrusive wrinkling to top left. 

Issue 8 features a hand-colored cover by Pat Stier and articles 
or work by Addi Köpcke, Charlemagne Palestine, Jean Dupuy,
Richard Landry, Richard Serra, John Gibson, etc.
It has just under 1/2" tear back top middle. 

Issue 9 features a cover by Robert Ryman and articles 
or work by Carl Andre, Melvin Edwards, Ron Gorchov, Bill Jensen,
Brice Marden, Lucio Pozzi, Judy Rifka, Nancy Spero, Alan Moore, 
Hans Haacke, etc. 
It has slight pulling to staples. 

Issue 10 features a cover by Joseph Beuys and articles 
or work by Lil Picard, Lynda Benglis, Rebecca Horn, Nancy Holt,
Hannah Wilke, Jill Johnston, Lucy Lippard, Yvonne Rainer, 
Richard Foreman, Robert Morris, Robert Rauschenberg, 
Philip Glass, Ralston Farina, Eleanor Antin, David Antin, Vito Acconci, 
Joan La Barbara, Charlemagne Palestine, Joan Jonas, 
Carolee Schneeman, Jeffrey Deitch, Christopher Knowles, etc.
It has minor chipping to back cover. 

Issue 11-12 features a cover by Ed Ruscha and articles 
or work by Patti Smith, Adrian Piper, A.A. Bronson, Judy Rifka,
Jean Dupuy, Alan (Vega) Suicide, Jack Smith, Susan Rothenbeg,
Lil Picard, The Guerrilla Art Action Group, etc.
it has one staple with slight pulling, was bound 
without the customary second staple.
Slight chipping to back cover. 

Issue 13 features a cover and work by Alan (Vega) Suicide.
This pastiche of photographic images consists of portraits of Iggy Pop
(on all fours), Willie Mink DeVille and Suzie and jockey Jorge Velasquez, among others. 
Both the red and black titled versions are present, with some differences in content.  
Black version: Unobtrusice crease running diagonally through much of the issue.
Red Version: It has a 3/4" closed tear to the 9th leaf which is a blank page.

Issue 14 features a cover by Carl Andre and is focused on the topic
of artists' books. It compiles unedited responses to the question “Why are you attracted to artists’ books? What are the best potentials and the basic difficulties concerning this art form?”
It features writing by Ulises Cárrion, Daniel Buren, Agnes Denes, Lucy Lippard, Kathy Acker, John Baldessari, Robert Delford Brown, George Griffin, Jon Gibson, Mary Fish, Judith A. Hoffberg, Allan Kaprow, Adrian Piper, Sol LeWitt, Maurizio Nannucci, Lucio Pozzi, Ted Stamm, Richard Tuttle, Lawrence Weiner, Eve Sonneman, Peter Frank, Al Moore, A.A. Bronson, Naomi Spector, etc. 
It has slight pulling at staples. 

Issue 15 features a cover and work by Rosemary Mayer. 
This meditation on Jacopo da Pontormo and Florence, “a very big woman who sits next to me at work,” is illustrated with photo snapshots of bleak urban life and with reproductions of Pontormo’s drawings, etchings and paintings (“Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers” and “Joseph in Egypt.”). A full, monographic work with collaged prose.
It has a 3/16th of an inch tear top right last four leafs. 

Issue 17 features Kim MacConnel.
This text-free issue of Art-Rite contains twenty-two pages
of MacConnel’s Chinese brush paintings.

Issue 18 was created by Image Bank’s Vincent Trasov and Michael Morris, this “mondo artie correspondance collage” features collage by John Dowd, Ray Johnson, General Idea, Genesis P-Orridge, Cozey, Eric Metcalfe, John Jack Baylin, Albrecht D., Terry Reid, Robert Fones, Environmental Communications, Les Levine, Paul Cotton, Robert Cumming, Gilbert & George, Brian Buczak, G.A. Cavellini, John Giorno, Andy Warhol and Zeke.

Issue 19 features a cover by Chris Burden and articles 
or work by Jack Smith, Laurie Anderson, Peter Frank, John McCracken,
Susan Martin, Peter Plagens, Dick Miller, etc.
It is a collaboration between Art-Rite & Laica with 
Art-Rite paste-on to cover. 

Issue 20 is entirely by Demi. 
Illustrated with charming line drawings of urban love, this score includes music and lyrics for eight voices and clavichord, bell, flute, violin, oboe, horn, cymbal, drum. Each of the three acts are introduced with a plot synopsis of the amorous adventures of protagonists Pearl and Anthony. The libretto ends with a thoughtful epilogue: “As young lovers Pearl and Anthony must acknowledge the reality of their sentiment for each other as a separate and a whole reality from their surroundings they must effectively substitute the …skylines that they could inhabit for the places and constructs as spiritual parts of themselves and to the intuitions and instincts to their intentions and to their youth as ingenuous their present and their future have become realized as each other they must consider a different sort of naiveté…”
Printed on heavier paper than the cheap newsprint of previous issues.
Its front cover is toned on perimeter with the back cover almost entirely toned except for a horizontal band spanning the middle of the top text box. 

Issue 21 consists of one folded sheet – the cover – that opens to reveal an original unique drawing by Judy Rifka.
It has minor soiling to covers.