Deisler, Guillermo - UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental, Issue 12.

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Guillermo Deisler. 
UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental.
Issue 12.

Halle (Salle), East Germany: UNI/vers (;), 1991.

Assembling edited by Guillermo Deisler from his home in East Germany from 1987-1995. Each issue is an edition of 100, each artist contributing receiving an issue. 

Any mistakes are my own, consultation of Deisler's 5 Jahre 5 Years Peacedream-Project  UNI/vers (;) (1987-1992) has not corrected my own failings at reading certain  handwriting.

Issue 12: Erotic is contained in a white folder with two pockets and two pieces of red strings opening side middle. Inside pockets are connected to front & back with staples, back staple having come dislodged from pocket. "12 EROTIC" is handstamped in red onto front under a collaged title pastedown. Corners bumped with some creasing, back has minor ink staining. Inside hand stamped is Deisler's address in a pasted down pink heart. 

Left pocket contains a Guglielmo Achille Cavellini "GAC EVENT DAY" STICKER, an index sheet and a creased/folded flyer for "Art Nürnberg 6" and special exhibitions featuring international artsts' magazines. 
37 artists appear on the index sheet and 5 of those artists appear twice.
Right contains a plastic sleeve with a die-cut piece stapled to the flat. 

34 Works present, many hand stamped, hand signed, hand altered, etc by: 
Pascal Lenoir, Andrea Pugliese, G. Perneczky, RK Courtney, 2 by R. Langer, Lucia Andriotto, C. Figueriredo, Harry Polkinhorn, Rene Joseph, Karla Sachse, Sal Gerd Beyer, Wilhelm Bartsch, Robin Crozier,  S. Segay, Henry Günther, Ruggero Maggi, R. Wagner, J.K. Celis, Marcel Stüssi, Rene Montes, L. Diehl Williams, Ciro Beltran, David Powell, G. Ebel, Alain Jadot, Ulrich Tarlatt, Hans-Ulrich Prautzsch, 2 by Guillermo Deisler, J. Kowalski. and three that I cannot positively identify: Aleph (?), (?), (?) looks like Joseph.
A.S. Uribe, J.W. Huber, G. Malossi, W. Wahrig, C. Pes, J. Seifert, G. Berchenko and V. Sarieff are either missing or among the unidentified.