Deisler, Guillermo - UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental, Issue 26.

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Guillermo Deisler.
UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental.
Issue 26. 

Halle (Salle), East Germany: UNI/vers (;), 1993.

Assembling edited by Guillermo Deisler from his home in East Germany from 1987-1995. Each issue is an edition of 100, each artist contributing receiving an issue. 

Any mistakes are my own, consultation of Deisler's 5 Jahre 5 Years Peacedream-Project   UNI/vers (;) (1987-1992) has not corrected my own failings at reading certain handwriting.

Issue 26 is contained within a "Postpac Nr. 21" cardboard sleeve handpainted with "26" rubberstamped in red with a UNI/vers (;) paste down. 

An index sheet is present with 40 artists listed as well as a solicitation for a future issue of UNI/vers (;). A hommage à Vicente Huidobro.  

38 Works present, many hand stamped, hand signed, hand altered, etc by: 

Hartmut Graf, Nel Amaro, David Dellaforia, 2 by Antonio Gomez, PLG Frieslaender,  J. Kierspel, Theo Breuer, J. Kowalski, J. Seafree, Ruth Knecht, Giovanni Strada, Hendrik Liersch, Andreas Berndt,Stephen Perkins,  J. Lindemann, Rod Summers, Attilio Fortini, Walter Fehlinger, J. Luis Campal, M.B. Corbett, Ryosuke Cohen,Emilio Morandi, 2 by Keith Bates, Clemente Padin, Niall Monro,  S. Schiavoni, Hans Braumüller, 2 by Guillermo deisler, a Collaboration between Guillermo Deisler; Gerhild Ebel; Hans-Ulrich Prautzsch and Ralf Langer, another collaboration between Deisler;Kierspel;Berchenko: Nielsen; PLG; Strada and Morandi. Including 4 unidentified sheets,  and a sheet by "Franzobel(?) who seemingly is not on the index sheet. 

4 Caravan Conference Art Nürnberg postcards are also present.