Deisler, Guillermo - UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental, Issue 33 (Signed)

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Guillermo Deisler.
UNI/vers (;) Visual Poetry and Experimental.
Issue 33.

Halle (Salle), East Germany: UNI/vers (;), 1994.

Assembling edited by Guillermo Deisler from his home in East Germany from 1987-1995. Each issue is an edition of 100, each artist contributing
receiving an issue. 

Any mistakes are my own, consultation of Deisler’s 5 Jahre 5 Years Peacedream-Project UNI/vers (;) (1987-1992) has not corrected my own failings at reading certain handwriting.

Issue 33 comes enclosed in a shallow cardboard box with a string affixed to front, “31” hand stamped in red and a UNI/vers (;) pastedown as well as stickers.

Present is an index sheet. 

44 Works present, many hand stamped, hand signed, hand altered, etc by: 

Gregorio Borchenko, Cesar Figueiredo, Karla Sachse, Willie Marlowe, Litsa Kaschau-Spathi, Pat Collins, M.B. Corbet, Ralf Langer, Stefano Schiavaoni, Hartmut Graf, W. Mark, Norbert Klassen, Royston du Maurier-Lebek, Valentine Verhaeghe, Siggi Liersch, Henning Mittendorf, Paulo Bruscky, Bruno Chiarlone, Toner Works, Jurgen O. Olbrich, Pedro Juan Gutierrez, Jurgen Kierspel, Pete Spence, Hartmut Andryczuk, ART-NO DOMAIN, Antonio Gomez, Andreas & Theo Breuer, Franco Santini, Carlos Montes de Oca, Christian Bedor, Thomas Wingrich, Hans-Ulrich Prautzsch, Corpa, R. Axel Westphal, Magda Lagerwerf, Clemente Padin, Alberto Rizzi, Virginia M. Raimondi, and Guillermo Deisler. 

Cover by Berchenko, Langer, Kierspel, Stagel, Dahl, Jacob, & Deisler.