Filliou, Robert / Williams, Emmett - ROSAROTEN OHRENPFROPPEN performance announcment

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Emmett Williams & Robert Filliou.

Paris: Self-Published, 1963. 
Single sheet,

Near fine, 
but for quite faint creasing. 
Well preserved scarce Fluxus relic. 

Fondazione Bonotto describes this sheet as a performance announcement
for "Galerie Raymond Cordier, Paris
5 June 1963
and Workshop de la Libre Expression,
Centre Americain des Artistes, Paris
30 May 196"
however, I think this is actually an announcement for the 1964 performance 
that took place as part of "Actions, Agit-Prop, De-Collage, Happenings, Events, l'Autrisme, Art Totale, Re-Fluxus" in Aachen, Technische Hochschule.

The list of performances on Williams' website
lists ROSAROTEN OHRENPFROPPEN as performed at the Technische Hochschule,
not at Galerie Raymond Cordier or Workshop de la Libre Expression.

According to Google Translate:

"Emmet Williams and Robert Filliou, Co-Inventors of the Spaghetti-Sandwich +,
in the rooms of the TH for the price of 1 DM
for sale.
Contact the inventors personally!"