Frigate - Dream of the Deep LP

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Tax scam psych heavy rock
The tax scam label racket is certainly the most curious chapter of the record industry,retrospectively speaking. Tiger Lily-specifically, the S/T lp by Stonewall-might be the most famous, but there are many fanciful diamonds lurking in the undiscovered rough, not the least of which is this masterpiece of barbiturate haze from Frigate. ‘Dreams Of The Deep’ was one of a dozen or so albums made “available” to an unsuspecting public by the elusive C.C. label in 1977, all of which are harder to find than a no leaf clover, with this being the holiest of grails in the discography. Rumors abound that Frigate wasn’t even the bands real name, just a front for the dodge. Regardless, the shroud of JIMI looms large on here & in the parlance of contemporary seance speak, the wails & moans of Eddie Hazel, Toiling Midgets
& (original) Fushitsusha ooze audibly from beyond, sometimes all at once. For years the psychedelic mafia have tried to keep Dreams Of The Deep on the down low-original copies almost NEVER turn up-so it’s quite a coup for collectors that the D.Q. Records label has served up a tasty reissue for this long obscured blueprint of psychotropic bliss."