Garland, Peter (editor) - Soundings 14-15

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Peter Garland (Editor).
Soundings 14-15. 

Soundings Press, 1986.
224 pages. 

Very good.
Minor corner wear.
Clean pages.

Cover by John Brandi.
This issue contains writing and scores by...

Contributions by Peter Garland, Alejandro Garcia Caturla, Alejo Carpentier,
Alvin Lucier, Dick Higgins, Daniel Goode, Richard Schwarz, Kyle Gann, Jack Briece, 
Stephen Scott, Dane Rudhyar, John Luther Adams, Robert Erickson, Bill Fontana, 
Jim Fox, Eric Richards, David Rosenboom, Kevin Volans, Eugenia Balcells, and 
Peggy Glanville-Hicks.