Gazelle, Granada & Rain-Rein - Original Mail Art double-sided letter discussing A.A. Bronson & Ray Johnson (Signed)

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Granada Gazelle 
& Rain-Rein.
Double-sided Letter
discussing A.A. Bronson & Ray Johnson. 

Toronto: Granada Gazelle & Rain-Rein, mid-seventies (?).
Single sheet. 
8.5" x 11".

Very Good. 
Three horizontal folds 
and multiple uncreased vertical folds. 
Minor corner wear. 

Sheet consists of a type-written letter to Rain-Rein 
from Granada Gazelle (General Idea associate)
telling of A.A. Bronson being furtively handed
an envelope by Ray Johnson containing info (?)
or perhaps collages
and subsequently losing them, 
along with a hand-stamped General Idea address stamp
as well as her own rubber stamp name + a hand drawn triangle bearing
Ray Johnson's Pink House address
though under the name "Region Zone"
instead of "Ray Johnson" or "The Pink House".
Underneath this triangle is written in pencil
"snip an-attaché".

On the verso is a handwritten note from Rain-Rein 
with an aside upside-down on the bottom left: 
" try not to noice the other sighed..."