Hairy Who, The and Nadel, Dan - The Collected Hairy Who Publications 1966-1969

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The Hairy Who.
Dan Nadel (Editor). 
The Collected Hairy Who Publications 1966-1969.

New York: Matthew Marks Gallery, 2015.
Hardcover without dust jacket, as issued. 
168 pages. 

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Three small unobtrusive scratches to front cover
and minor corner wear. 
Still a sharp copy. 

This is the first complete presentation
of the artists' books,
posters, prints and ephemera
produced by The Hairy Who (Chicago, 1966-69),
which was composed of Jim Falconer (born 1943),
Art Green (born 1941), Gladys Nilsson (born 1940),
Jim Nutt (born 1938), Suellen Rocca (born 1943)
and Karl Wirsum (born 1939).

Over the course of five exhibitions in Chicago,
San Francisco and Washington, DC, The Hairy Who
represented a de facto rebuke to the chilly ironies of Pop
and forged new ways of crafting figurative painting.
As likely to use Plexiglas as canvas and employing
a language based on verbal confusion, visual puns
and an almost ecstatic use of line and color,
the members of the Hairy Who produced publications,
posters and even buttons, and their exhibitions
were immersive environments unequalled at the time.

The Hairy Who has enjoyed a renewed popularity recently,
thanks to a documentary film and multiple exhibitions
by the contributing artists. This publication presents
all of the printed works related to the Hairy Who
exhibitions--important documents in the history
of contemporary art and artists' books.
Formatted like comic books, they are among the
very first full-color self-published artists' books,
containing work made especially for publication.
Studying these works is important to an understanding
of post-1960s art and artists' books.