Hendricks, Bici (Nye Ffarrabas) - 5 Seed Poem (Signed)

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Bici Hendricks (Nye Ffarrabas).
5 Seed Poem.

New York: Backworks, 1970.
Single rubber-stamped sheet, with staple-mounted plastic bag containing seeds.
Two orange boards, one rubber-stamped with handwritten signatures. 

Very good. 
5 Seed poem has slight toning and creasing. 
Orange boards have fading, toning, foxing and some blots from moisture. 

A poem by Nye Ffarrabas, then known as Bici Hendricks, in the form of a single sheet of paper bearing a plastic bag contains 5 types of seeds. Rubber-stamped with the title of the piece, the artist's name and date of creation. 

Accompanied by two orange boards for protection in transportation, not included as published, one of which bears the handwritten signatures of Barbara Moore & Jon Hendricks, the former proprietors of Backworks: the now defunct source for Fluxus, etc as well as their rubber stamp declaring this work "A Merry Christmas Gift". 


Nye Ffarrabas, formerly known as Bici Hendricks and Bici Forbes, is an under known female Fluxus artist. Co-founder of the Black Thumb Press with Geoff Hendricks, they were married before their separation as performance “Flux-Divorce” in 1971.