Hugunin, James & Breazeale, Kenon (Editors) - The Dumb Ox Vol. 1 No. 5: Photography and Ideology

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James Hugunin 
& Kenon Breazeale (Editors). 
The Dumb Ox Vol. 1 No. 5. Summer 1977. 

Northridge, California: The Dumb Ox, 1977.
Staple-bound softcover. 
64 pages. 

Very good. 
Minor wear and chipping at bottom of spine. 
Light toning at edges. 

Notable Appearances by Hal Fischer and John Duncan.

Front cover is a still from Antonioni's Chung Kuo. 
Back cover Diminishing Image by M. Hirsch.
Introduction by James Hugunin.
Victory at Sea by David Watanabe.
John Brumfield's Response to
"Photography and Ideology" by 
Lew Thomas, in Art Contemporary. 
Chung by Peter D'Agostino.
Contexts and Formats by Barbara Rosenblum.
Disability by Martin Lesinski.
Why Cars Aren't Safe by Lance Rutledge.
Contradictions by Carl. E. Loeffler.
Money by Al Nodal. 
Disappearance of the Word, 
Disappearance of the World 
by Ron Silliman.
Signifiers for a Male Response 
by Hal Fischer. 
Airlines by Fern Friedman. 
Animals and the Man by Joel Caplan. 
Hot Stuff, David Ng, Mr. Magoo by David Watanabe. 
Donna Lee Philips by Donna Lee Philips. 
Supermarket Aesthetic Tape by M. Gilliland. 
The One.... The Other by Lew Thomas. 
Robert Cumming's latest book;
Pulp, a Self-Published book;
Marginal Gloss: A Theory of Notes;
Mike Mandel and Larry Sultan: Evidence;
The photographs of Sam Rozenek; 
Victory Landweber: Recent Work. 
The Marquette Experience by James Hugunin. 
The Origin of Articulation by Rush White. 
Untitled by John Duncan. 
Dim Art by Miroslav Kilvar. 
Ginzburg's Travels by C.R. Ginzburg.