Jacob, Luis; Wendt, Pan; Piper, Adrian; Fischer, Barbara - Funk-Aesthetics

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Foreward by Barbara Fischer. 
Texts by Luis Jacob, Pan Wendt & Adrian Piper. 

Toronto: Justina M. Barnicke Gallery, 2009.
128 pages. 
Illustrated in black & white and color. 

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Minor wear to covers. 

Funk is best known as a style of dance music
that originated in the African-American community in the 1960s.

Funkaesthetics is premised on the idea that Funk
constitutes a uniquely rich system of thought.
With its interest in ancient Egypt and the allegorical futures
of science-fiction and its focus on the figure of the the alien,
Funk manifests a vision of time and identity
as mutable and open to transformation.

This collection of original essays explores the social, political,
pedagogical, and aesthetic influences of Funk culture within
a trans-historical context.

Participating artists include Sun Ra, Adrian Piper,
Leigh Bowery, David Gwinnut, Fergus Greer,
Nick Knight, Salvatore Salamone, Stephen Willats,
Pedro Bell, George Clinton and Will Munro.