Jesse Sharps - Sharps & Flats LP

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Jesse Sharps.
Sharps & Flats.

Nimbus West, 2021.
Edition of 500.

First official Nimbus vinyl release of this classic album.
LP cut directly from the 1/2” Master Tapes, this is, without a doubt,
the definitive version of “Sharps and Flats” … the sound is akin to sitting
in the control room while the band recorded, very detailed and deep
in presentation and articulation. One of the very best (and also very last)
studio recordings that Tom Albach undertook in the USA
for his Nimbus label… this album sat in the vaults for many years before
a cd was issued in the early 2000’s. (Unfortunately, the Cd
and subsequent versions were sourced from a dubious DAT transfer
which was 4 generations removed from the master tapes (at best).)
This is really the first opportunity to hear the album
as it was originally intended…
Featuring a tip- on sleeve with session photos and a great shot of Jesse
from the original cover shoot, and an insert
with a new essay by Mark Weber.