Darling, Lowell - my fVORITE ATORY: two type-written sheets with hand-written marginal insertions (Signed)

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Lowell Darling / Dudley Finds. 

Lowell Darling, date unknown (likely mid-seventies). 
Two type-written sheets 
with hand-written marginal insertions
and signature. 
8.5" x 11". 

Near fine, 
but for center fold. 
Manuscript pages or final product? 

These two sheets appear to be poetry, 
written by one Lowell Darling and Dudley Finds. 
One, because 
Lowell Darling and Dudley Finds, are in fact the same person. 

Lowell Darling is a California-based conceptual and performance artist. He established the unaccredited Fat City School of Finds Art, granting Masters Degrees to art students. Other notable projects include a collaboration with Ilene Segalove and the Cauliflower Alley Club of prizefighters in Los Angeles, and his work with found film clips for Hollywood Archaeology . Darling also ran for Governor of California in 1978 and published a book, One Hand Shaking , based on his notes from the campaign.

From the collection of Fluxus collector Tjeerd Deelstra.