Kern, Richard - Dumb Fucker 4

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Richard Kern (Editor). 
Dumb Fucker 4. 

New York: H.A. Production, 
Staple-bound softcover. 
 42 pages. 
Very good. 
Center crease, with some minor edge wear. 

Early photocopied zine edited by Richard Kern. 
Visual analogue to the music and film movement No Wave. 

Featuring Richard Kern, Dave Bennett, Stewart Wilson, Vicci Fool, 
Steve Harlow, Tom (Tommy) Turner, R. Dickens, Sally Daily, 
Mike Gibbons, Russel Drake, Mark A. Horowitz, Mazaritti Fey, 
S. Neumann, Emily Rophiz (?), Nancy Lamaroux (?),
Montanna Houston, Allisa Clough, John McCormac, 
Mary Ruthovsky-Ruskin, Holly George, Patric Mack, 
Children's Grafix, Ronnie Burk (?), David Wojnarowicz.