Lampert, Andrew & Fenchel, Andrew - Lampo Folio

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Andrew Lampert & Andrew Fenchel (Editors).
Lampo Folio.

Chicago: Lampo, 2021.
loose leaves. 
44 pages.
9" x 11.5".


The Lampo Folio is a collection of text-based scores
from ten interdisciplinary artists who
are all engaged on some level with sound and language.
Each commissioned work is published in the form of instructions
that can be used to enact a personal, possibly intimate
performance at home. The Lampo Folio creates new stages
within domestic spaces, and is a means for thinking about
the social conditions of performance, particularly at a time when
home life and shared experiences have been upended.

Contributors represent a variety of creative practices, including music,
sculpture, installation, film and video, dance, performance, and poetry.
With artists Nikita Gale, Sarah Hennies, Bonnie Jones, Andrew Lampert,
Jessie Marino, Nour Mobarak, Gala Porras-Kim, Elliot Reed,
Sergei Tcherepnin and Jennifer Walshe.

Edited with an introductory text by Andrew Fenchel and Andrew Lampert.
The Lampo Folio is printed 1-color offset throughout on colored paper
and consists of eleven loose leaves housed in a foil-printed hardcover folder.