Leiber, Steven - Catalog 20: Intermedia: Special European & Latin American Issue

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Steven Leiber. 
Catalog 20: InterMedia: Special European & Latin American Issue. 

San Francisco: Steven Leiber, 1995. 
Folded tabloid format newsprint catalog. 
36 pages. 
Black & white
with sections eraser stamped in color.
Catalog Folded: 14 x 10".
Catalog Unfolded: 14" x 20". 
Edition of 200. 

Very Good.
Light toning and edgewear. 
Shipping envelope not present. 

"Catalog offered primarily Eastern European performance
art documentation and Latin American mail/correspondence art. 
InterMedia: Special European & Latin American issue
was an imagined issue (no. 9, c. 1979) of the periodical InterMedia. 
Contributions had been sent to the magazine; however, the issue
was never published. Most of the works offered in Steven Leiber's
catalog were those works submitted for publication in InterMedia
in 1979 (acquired through Harley Lond, the editor of InterMedia). 
All eraser stamps used in the catalog were designed by Pawel Petasz
(Elblag, Poland) and borrowed from Bill Gaglione
(a.k.a. Dadaland, San Francisco) for use in this publication. 
Modeled after InterMediaL An Interdisciplinary Journal of the Arts,
Resources, & Communications, by and for the Communicator/Artist,
a journal published by Harley Lond in Los Angeles, in conjunction
with the Century City Educational Arts Project, from 1974 to 1979."
- Page 80, Steven Leiber Catalogs, David Senior (Editor), 2019. 

Sharp copy of rare dealer catalog that engages
with art history in an uncommon and creative way directly acquired
from a mail art participant and publisher
who received this in the mail from Leiber in 1995.