Lewitt, Sol - Harpers Magazine Vol. 208, No. 1247, April 1954.

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Sol Lewitt.
Harpers Magazine
Vol. 208, No. 1247,
April 1954.

New York: Harpers and Brothers, 1954. 
Side-stapled softcover. 
104 pages. 
8” x 11”.
Cover by Ben Shahn.

Overall quite presentable. Inside clean and unmarked. Certain pages cut unvenly at top, height varies. Minor chipping to some page edges. Unobtrusive minor tears to spine. 
Top staple visible on front cover. Light rubbing to covers. 

Early work by Sol Lewitt.
Summer 1954 issue of Harpers Magazine. 

Includes “No Enemy But Time,” by Maurice Rowdon 
illustrated with drawings by Sol LeWitt. 

Contents also include: “The Reputation of the Government,” by Adlai E. Stevenson; “Prison: The Enemy of Society,” by John Bartlow Martin; “How Make a Chicken Liver Paté Once,” by Sylvia Wright, with drawings by Richard E. Davis; “The Origins of Psychoanalysis: Unpublished Personal Letters, Part I,” Sigmund Freud; “Calvary, and I Don’t Mean Horses,” by James M. Gavin; “The Baffling Career of Robert E. Wood,” by Irving Pflaum; “F.L.A. (1890 - 1954),” photograph by Oliver E. Allen; “How Language Shapes Our Thoughts,” by Stuart Chase; “Babel Among Friends,” by John Sack; “Business Parties and Free-Loader,” by John Brooks; “Aunt Jackson,” by Shirley Jackson, with drawings by Suzanne Suba; “Fairy Tale,” by Martha Bacon; “Easter Morning,” by Brendan Gill; “Maine Conclusion,” Florence B. Jacobs; “Letters;” “The Easy Chair - Norwalk and Points West,” by Bernard DeVoto; “Personal & Otherwise;” “After Hours,” by Mr. Harper, with drawings by N.M. Bodecker; “The New Books,” by Gilbert Highet; “Books in Brief,” by Katherine Gauss Jackson; and “The New Recordings,” by Edward Tatnall Canby.