Linz, Rainer (Editor) - NMA Complete Set: 1-10

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Rainer Linz (Editor). NMA (New Music Articles).

Brunswick, Australia: NMA Publications.
10 issues with John Lennon & Chris Mann inserts
+ hand altered pages in issue 5, as called for. 
Staple bound soft cover.
Issues range from 40 - 56 pages.
Color covers with b&w contents. 

Very Good - Near Fine. 
Minor wear and soiling.

A complete run of this scarce experimental music magazine
not including the NMA cassettes. 

Australian experimental music magazine with a
diverse focus, encompassing sound poetry, noise,
computer music, homemade instruments, and composition.

Features such notables as Trevor Wishart, Warren Burt,
Pauline Oliveros, Chris Mann, Andrée Greenwell, etc.
Co-founded by Rainer Linz & Richard Vella in 1982.
Vella, Graeme Gerrard, Drew Cottle, John Gillies, Noel Sanders,
Aline Scott-Maxwell, Alistair Riddell, Fran Dyson and
Ross Bolleter also contributed to the editing of this magazine,
with Richard Vella having the largest hand besides Rainer Linz. 

Issue one has a self "Interview" by Ian Cox of Essendon Airport,
an actual interview with Jon Rose, and articles by Mauricio Kagel,
Warren Burt, Alistair Riddell, Jody Berland, Graeme Gerrard,
Brian Parrish, David Hirst and Peter Herzstein. 

Issue two contains an interview with Ron Nagorcka as well as
articles by Chris Mann, Anti Music, Ken Knabb, Ernie Althoff, 
David Chesworth, Mark C. Pollard, John Gillies, Rainer Linz,
Les Gilbert, Trevor Wishart, and a
bonus insert: Information Killed John Lennon. 

Issue three has articles by John Potts, Jody Berland,
Megan Cronly, Mark Mordue, Drew Cottle, Lang Baker,
Chris Cunneen, Mario Perniola, Patrick Mauries, Mark Plum,
Richard Vella and Shelley Lasica. 

Issue four has interviews with Gillian Whitehead and Jo Truman
as well as articles by Pauline Oliveros, Jennifer Fowler,
Sarah Hopkins, Barbara Woof, Caroline Wilkins, Sue Blakey,
Susan Erickson, Jan Friedl, Ros Bandt, Joyce Hinterding,
Lynne Stevens, Vineta Lagzdina, Cindy John, Kay Morton,
Catherine Schieve and Wendy Hiscocks. 

Issue five contains an interview with John Pannell and also
articles by Stan Anson, Pauline Oliveros, Caroline Wilkins,
Amanda Stewart, John Gillies, Densil Cabrera, Brenda Slavoff,
Paul Greene, Steve Wood, Fran Dyson, Marco De Marinis,
Denise Erdonmez, Ernie Althoff, A.R. Gilliland & H.T. Moore,
Rainer Linz, Syd Clayton, and Daniel Kahans + Naomi Crafti. 
Also of note is that this issue has two hand altered pages, each
distinct from every other copy of this issue with their own
unique hand altered pages.
It also has a bonus insert: The Rationales by Chris Mann.

Issue 6 features articles by Amanda Baker, Warren Burt,
Philip Brophy, Alistair Riddell, Chris Mann, Stelarc,
Greg Schiemer, Mark Rudolph, Cindy John, C.H. Dick,
Graeme Gerrard, R.P. Harris, and David Hirst. 

Issue 7 has an interview with Keith Humble and also
features writings by Burnett Cross, Helen Gifford,
Ernie Gallagher, Igor Lipinski, Geoffrey Barnard,
Simone de Haan, Greg Schiemer, Ernie Althoff,
Ron Nagorcka, and Caroline Wilkins. 

Issue 8 - Fran Dyson, Douglas Kahn, Densil Cabrera,
Ian Andrews, Ashley Scott, Ruark Lewis, Joan Brassil,
Sherre DeLys and Richard Vella. 

Issue 9 - Interviews with Rob Muir and Lynne Mitchell
+ articles by Alan Lamb, Lindsay Vickery, Nathan Crotty,
Jonathan Mustard, Stuart Davies-Slate, Stephen Benfall,
Zac Laskewicz, and Rowan Hammond. 

Issue 10 - Caroline Wilkins, Chris Mangin, Jas. H. Duke,
Andrée Greenwell, Robert Watson, uar ewi, Linda Kouvaras,
Chris Mann, Alistair Riddell, Bruce Johnson, and Marie Sorenson.