Lomholt, Neils - Exchangeable Photo

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Niels Lomholt.
Exchangeable Photo.

Lomholt Formular Press, 2022. 
262 pages.
530 Illustrations.

Foreword by Sanne Kofod Olsen. 

Essays by Peter van der Meijden and Oliver Wiant Rømer Holme,
and texts by the artist.

Niels Lomholt: Exchangeable Photo, a monograph, embraces the photographic works that are a central aspect of the artist’s career from 1964-2022. The book is based on Lomholt’s 1977 Mail Art project of the same name, an exchange of photographs among a large number of Mail Artists. 

Lomholt expanded and developed the concept of Exchangeable Photo in subsequent photo projects on political, social and historical conditions:
Gentle Tourism, Ordnede Forhold, ZOO/n/nn and Cinema. Augmenting the retrospective gaze, the book looks at the relevance of these works today, focusing on community creation through photography, the reality and role of the medium in constructing the contemporary perception of reality, and its poetic potential. 

Equally appealing to art and photography lovers alike, the book provides new research in the intersection of photography and other more performative practices. Broadly aimed and accessible, it follows a number of recent books on the history of contemporary photography and monographs on individual artists.