Madonna - Stay Cool

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Stay Cool. 

Chicago: Sevier, 2019. 
176 pages.
Color illustrations. 

"The details don’t really matter; some colorless office with some dreary acronym that certainly included an ‘A’ for agency or association or affiliate housed these works at the behest of the international Madonna corporation until they were no longer contractually obligated to. This accidental trove of visionary outsider art was quite literally rescued from the garbage shortly after the business entity that is ‘Madonna’ parted ways with her management company of nearly a decade. This is a unique document of the impression that the Madonna messiah left on the collective international psyche during the late 80s and through the 90s. Whether or not you like Madonna’s music isn’t really that important (I mean, you should, it’s all pretty great during this period.) This is the sort of document that tends to be cloistered away from the public eye… it’s the overdose victims who took too much of what was intended to be consumed only superficially, at a time when the reach of a megastar now extended into every aspect of everyday life and evening entertainment. To quote Theresa “My life got destroyed because of your force.” That pretty much sums up the experience of everyone included here. Primarily you will find the work of people who do not consider themselves artists; only through the magnitude of Madonna’s supernova-like intensity do they find themselves divinely inspired."