Niikuni, Seiichi (Editor) - ASA 1 (The Association for Study of Arts)

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Seiichi Niikuni (Editor).
ASA 1.

Tokyo: The Association for Study of Arts, 
Staple-bound softcover.
52 pages. 
Text in Japanese with some English, French and Portuguese.

Very good. 
Minor unobtrusive foxing to bottom cover and the next couple pages. 
A bit of soiling at staples.
Slight edge wear. 

Scarce Japanese concrete poetry magazine edited by Seiichi Niikuni and published by his organization ASA (The Association for Study of Arts).

Poetics for Visual and Phonic Poetry by Seiichi Niikuni. 
For The Poems to Come Around Us by Yasuo Fujitomi.
Concrete Poetry by L.C. Vinholes, Toshihiko Shimizu, Seiichi Niikuni, and Pierre Garnier.
Manifeste Pour Une Poésie Nouvelle, Visuelle et Phonique by Pierre Garnier.
Dadaism and Avant-Garde Art of the Day by Toshihiko Shimizu.
Brazil's Concrete Poetry by L.C. Vinholes with examples by Décio Pignatari, João Adolfo Moura, Edgard Braga, Haroldo de Compos, Pedro Xisto, and Kiyoshi Iwata. 

The Association of Study of Arts or ASA (芸術研究協会 Geijutsu Kenkyū Kyōkai) was founded in 1964 by Seiichii Niikuni and Yasuo Fujitomi with the objective of exploring and experimenting with concrete poetry. They published a namesake magazine ASA and published both Japanese and foreign concrete poetry.