No Neck Blues Band - Fino Alla Strada Vecchia LP

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No Neck Blues Band.
Fino Alla Strada Vecchia.

Daksina, 2019.
Jackets Silk screened By Alan Sherry
at SIWA Printing.
Edition of 100.

Fino Alla Strada Vecchio was recorded by No Neck Blues Band in 2009, while on a week-long residency in Marseille. This would turn out to be the outfit’s last studio recordings, made during their last ever tour. There’s no sense of finality here, though, no dwindling of energies, no pattern of diminishing returns: Fino Alla Strada Vecchio finds NNCK in purist mind-meld mode, particularly over the course of its b-side, “Portatemi A Casa, Strade Di Campagna”, where pulsating, mind-warp electronics unwind over tussling, overloaded electric guitars, one of their most fractally spun performances in some time. The title track, spread across the a-side of this LP, builds from a low-level scrum of indeterminate noise into a throbbing engine-room piston throb, before spiralling inwards, a sizzling cluster of shorting mics, voices sighing deep tongue drool into your ear canal, while guitars scratch at the cochlea like one thousand combs of pure light.

-Jon Dale