Paik, Nam June - Video Time / Video Space with Signed Original Drawings

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Nam June Paik.
Video Time / Video Space with Signed Original Drawings 

Editions API: South Korea: 1992. 
120 pages. 
Color and black & white photos. 

Book - Very Good. 

Minor wear and corner bumping. 
Pages 82 and 83 have a drawing of a chicken, text etc
drawn by Nam June Paik in what appears to be crayon.
Page 82 has a crease as shown in photos. 

Laid in is a cardstock "wall hanger" reminder for the show
with another chicken drawn on it and Paik's signature. 
Creasing and two small pieces attached a bit precariously to top. 
Yellowing at edges of wall hanger and book. 

Rare, lovely and presentable unique works
by the father of Video Art: Nam June Paik.