Paik, Nam June - Symphonie Nr. 5

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Nam June Paik. 
Symphonie Nr. 5.

Place unknown: Nam June Paik, 1965.
18 unbound sheets. 
16 sheets bearing page numbers
from 223-225 & then 227-239.
5 1/8 x 3 15/16".
Text in English and German, though almost entirely in German. 

Black print on a white background.
Composition made up of an uninterrupted sequence of texts,
musical notations, small collages, photographic images, handwritten notes. German translation by Tomas Schmit.

The work, dedicated to Arthus Carlheinz Caspari, is introduced by the sentence: "The eternity-cult is the longest disease of mankind".

 "schlage an mit steifem penis" is an instruction in the score
meaning "Strike with a stiff penis"

Work first published on pages 223 - 239 of Happenings/Fluxus/Pop Art/Nouveau Réalisme/Ein Documentation edited by Jürgen Becker & Wolf Vostell published by Rowohlt, 1965. This reproduces the same pages in a smaller format.