Parkins, Zeena & Kolar, Jeff - Scale LP

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Zeena Parkins &
Jeff Kolar.

Detroit: Two Rooms Records, 2020.


SCALE, addresses issues of observation, embodied transferences,
telepathy and duration employing swipes, knocks, resonators
and hypnotic patternings on the acoustic harp with
the less controllable sounds of radio waves,
homemade synths and feedback.

Inspired by the timings and sensations of natural phenomena
including daylight’s slow emergence at dawn and
the pulsing ambiance of ocean currents.
Nature as both utopic and disruptive.
Attention is situated in an often luscious, contemplative
sonic environment that shifts at varying rates from the imperceptible
to sudden unexpected bursts.
Co-authored by Parkins and Kolar, this piece was originally
commissioned by choreographer Jennifer Monson for her work
bend the even and performed live at the famed
Chocolate Factory Theater in Queens, NY.