Leiber, Steven - Catalog 31: Periodicals

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Steven Leiber. 
Catalog 31: Periodicals.

San Francisco: Steven Leiber, 1998. 
Variously sized books, cards, etc in box.
Box: 10.5" x 13.75" x 2".
Edition of 40. 

Box has some creasing and dents to top, contents fine. 

Cardboard box contains a book (International Zine Dictionary),
an envelope with cards inside
(sticker on front reads, Conceptual Art Postcards),
a brown bag containing photocopied color leaves
(sticker on front states, "Xtra grab bag for motion discomfort and refuse"),
rubber-band bound cards, eight cards on a perforated sheet
(one for each of the first eight issues of Aspen), a loose-leaf,
three cards and a folder ( with sticker reading Our Ad Gallery)
containing colored leaves and a want list.
Table of contents glued into box lid.
Color label is glued onto box top. 

Steven Leiber’s scarce 31nd catalog
is an homage to Aspen magazine (1965-1971)
and the artists' periodical Assembling (1070-1975.

Sharp copy of rare dealer catalog that engages
with art history in an uncommon and creative way
directly acquired from a mail art participant and publisher
who received this in the mail from Leiber in 1998.