Splettstösser, Peter Jörg (Editor) - Internationaler Stempelworkshop Bremen 22.8.81 - 30.8.81 Weserberg Zitatstempel/Quotation Stamps

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Peter Jörg Splettstösser (Editor). 
Internationaler Stempelworkshop
Bremen 22.8.81 - 30.8.81
Weserberg Zitatstempel/Quotation Stamps.

Bremen: Worpswede / Neues Museum Weserburg, 1981.
120 pages.
Text mostly in German, some English
First edition of 250.

Gray wrappers rubber stamped at front and rear,
bound in a blue cloth spine also rubber stamped.
Pages printed in black on recto sides only,
featuring unique rubber stamps in varying colors
on approximately 120 pages.
Near fine, but for trace amounts of wear and age toning to wrappers and a small black ink mark at rear cover. 

Artists’ book in the form of a hand stamped catalogue
issued on the occasion of this
1981 stamp and mail art workshop in Bremen, Germany.
Organized and conceived by Peter Jörg Splettstösser
with contributions by over 120 artists, including Albrecht/d.,
Woody van Amen, Peter Below, Paulo Bruscky, Ulises Carrión,
Lourdes Castro, Robin Crozier, Bill Gaglione, György Galántai,
Heinz Gappmayr, Jochen Gerz, Michael Gibbs, Elisabetta Gut,
Barbara Johanna Hahn, Pavel Holous, Davi Det Hompson, Ko de Jonge,
Zdzislaw Jurkiewicz, Gunther Keusen, Cestmír Kocar, Les Levine,
Maurizio Nannucci, Pawel Petasz, Pavel Rudolf, Takako Saito,
Greta Schodl, Aldo Spinelli, Peter Jörg Splettstosser, Klaus Staeck,
Rolf Staeck, Anton Stankowski, Jaroslav Supek, Takis,
Miroljub Todorovic, Gábor Tóth,
Timm Ulrichs, Jirí Valoch, Edgardo Antonio Vigo, Otto Volker,
Martina Werner, Ruth Wolf-Rehfeldt, Bernhard Pawel Woschek,
and Horacio Zabala among several others. I
ncludes an epilogue featuring printed examples of
additional stamps submitted by a handful of the artists.