Plaehn, Dave - Smokin’ LP

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Dave Plaehn. 

Pilot Records, 1980.

Unplayed sealed deadstock.
1” split in seal. 
"As a kid growing up in the ‘80s, I remember buying Popeye candy cigarettes at the corner store. Smoking was everywhere, in restaurants, on airplanes, and my grandparent’s living room was always thick with fumes at family gatherings. Times have changed - although Smokin cigs might not be as popular and playful as Dave Plaehn would like these days, his timeless songs still hit the spot. For You (I’d Undo Everything) is an absolutely stunning AOR ode, and shows that beneath that that goofy veneer is a truly touched soul. The whole album is ace, Bound to Lose and Wandering Fool getting regular rewinds around here. Plaehn may have found his love in a bygone era, but the flame is still burning strong. Highest Recommendation. "